South Carolina River Area To Feature Five-Acre Development With A Dozen New Pickleball Courts

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In South Carolina’s dynamic sports scene, there’s exciting news for pickleball fans. Columbia is getting ready to welcome a new five-acre complex specifically for pickleball, complete with twelve brand-new courts. This spot, right by the picturesque river, is set to become a favorite for both seasoned players and those just starting out.

Pickleball’s surge in popularity isn’t just a national trend—it’s also taking off locally, and this new complex could have a big impact on Columbia. It has the potential to draw visitors, support local businesses, and improve life for the people who live there. But what exactly will this pickleball center mean for Columbia as a whole?

For starters, more visitors to the area could mean a boost for hotels, restaurants, and shops. People who come to play or watch pickleball might stay a few days, spending money and helping businesses grow. Plus, the courts could host tournaments, which typically bring in even more people.

Local residents will also benefit. Pickleball is a fun, social sport that’s easy to learn, making it ideal for families and individuals of all ages. Having a place to play could encourage people to get out, exercise, and meet new friends, improving community health and connection.

This isn’t just about pickleball, though. It’s about what the sport brings with it—energy, community, and economic opportunities. It’s an example of how sports can really make a difference in a town or city.

So, let’s keep an eye on this development and see how it serves Columbia in the years to come. If you’re ever in the area and looking for a good time, you might want to check out these new courts!

Custom Quote: “Pickleball isn’t just a game—it’s a community builder and an economic booster. This new complex is a testament to that.”

Development Overview

The new development at 680 Candi Lane is set to bring a fresh wave of excitement to Columbia, South Carolina, with the creation of a lively PickleGarden. Spanning 4.75 acres, the area will be home to 12 top-quality pickleball courts, courtesy of Pickleball Land Holdings LLC. Locals can thank Ryan McCue of Colliers for successfully negotiating this project, which is likely to become a key spot for community gatherings.

The meticulously crafted courts will cater to a wide range of players, from those picking up a pickleball paddle for the first time to the more experienced competitors. Moreover, the site will also host a spacious area for food and drinks, adding to the allure of the destination as a place where friends and family can spend quality time together.

Beyond providing a space for sport and dining, the PickleGarden is set to be a catalyst for community involvement, drawing people together for events and activities. It’s also anticipated to boost the local economy by attracting visitors and creating jobs.

By offering a combination of sport, leisure, and social opportunities, the development isn’t just about playing pickleball; it’s about building connections and enriching the lifestyle of those in Columbia.

In Summary, 680 Candi Lane is transforming into more than just a collection of pickleball courts; it’s becoming a cornerstone for community life and recreation in Columbia.

Custom Quote: “At the heart of every community lies the potential for shared joy and growth. The PickleGarden at 680 Candi Lane is where that potential will come to life, offering a space for everyone to play, relax, and connect.”

Court Specifications

In the heart of our community, PickleGarden’s court specifications have been thoughtfully crafted to offer a top-quality playing environment for pickleball fans at every skill level. Our carefully designed courts feature the latest in acrylic surfaces to provide a reliable and smooth playing field that instills confidence in players. The introduction of efficient LED lighting means that the excitement of the game doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down—players can enjoy brightly-lit matches into the evening.

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For those who love to play year-round, our covered courts offer a cozy retreat from rain or harsh sun, allowing for uninterrupted enjoyment. At the same time, the open courts present a sense of freedom, inviting players to revel in the warmth of the sun and the pleasure of natural breezes during their games.

PickleGarden takes pride in providing a space that has been meticulously designed to cater to both serious and leisurely play. Our players can take pride in engaging in matches on courts that meet rigorous professional criteria.

This modern pickleball haven is more than just a place to play; it’s a vibrant hub for the community, nurturing joy and a strong sense of togetherness.

Court Features That Stir the Soul:

  • Acrylic Surface: A consistently smooth surface that reassures players with its predictable ball bounce.
  • LED Lighting: Bright, energy-saving lights that extend the joy of the game into the night.
  • Covered Courts: A sheltered space for comfortable play, no matter the weather.
  • Open Courts: An inviting setting for enjoying the sun and fresh air during the game.
  • Professional Design: A layout that aligns with official standards, offering an authentic experience for all who play.

PickleGarden is a place where every serve and volley builds community spirit and shared memories.

Additional Amenities

PickleGarden on the River offers an enhanced pickleball experience with a variety of amenities that cater to the comfort and enjoyment of both players and guests. Understanding the value of relaxation and socializing in sports, the venue provides cozy outdoor seating where fans can watch games and players can relax post-match.

For those looking to grab a bite, there’s an array of food choices right on site. Whether you’re in the mood for a light snack or a hearty meal, you’ll find options tailored to support the active pickleball lifestyle. This makes PickleGarden a full-service spot for fun and leisure.

In today’s fast-paced world, finding a place where you can engage in sports and unplug is a breath of fresh air. PickleGarden is just that – a riverside haven where the joy of pickleball and the pleasure of a community come together. Here’s to long rallies and even longer laughs with friends old and new!

*Custom Quote*: “PickleGarden on the River – where every serve is met with a side of great food and good times!”

Vision and Mission

PickleGarden on the River is all about community and wellness. Our vision is to create a welcoming space that’s all about living actively and connecting with others. This development aims to be the go-to spot for pickleball lovers, providing a setting where people of all ages can enjoy the outdoors and stay fit. We see it as a place that’s not just about playing a game – it’s about building a lively scene centered on pickleball that also incorporates relaxation, exercise, and forming friendships.

We plan to offer more than just courts; we want to support a well-rounded way of life. PickleGarden on the River is committed to improving lives by encouraging fun, offering beautiful river walks, and fostering the bonds that come with shared fun times.

In creating this space, we’re not just focusing on the present. We’re looking ahead to ensure that as the community grows, so does our ability to support it. Our mission is to ensure that everyone who visits feels like they’ve found a place where they belong, where they can thrive and where the simple joys of life are always within reach.

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Remember, PickleGarden on the River isn’t just another sports complex – it’s a place where you can hit the court, take a stroll by the water, and make lasting friendships. Come join us and be a part of something special.

“In a world where everyone is busy, we provide a space to pause, play, and connect with others.”

Riverside Attractions

Located by the peaceful Saluda River, the soon-to-open PickleGarden on the River is set to become a favorite local spot with its variety of activities by the water. The complex will feature excellent pickleball courts and a range of activities for both water sports fans and families. Its connection to the Riverwalk means visitors can enjoy beautiful river views while walking or biking along the shore. The site includes an area that is temperature-controlled, offering comfort for year-round enjoyment of the beautiful setting. With its construction progressing, PickleGarden on the River is shaping up to be a go-to place for fun and relaxation along the Saluda River.

The space is designed for all seasons, whether you’re looking to play pickleball or just relax by the water. It’s an ideal setting for anyone wanting to spend time outdoors, get some exercise, or have a peaceful day with family and friends. The integration with the Riverwalk is a smart move, providing easy access for anyone looking to extend their time outdoors with a walk or a bike ride. The development is a testament to the growing interest in outdoor and recreational spaces that offer a variety of experiences in one location.

“Whether you’re a pickleball enthusiast or just looking for a peaceful spot to unwind by the river, PickleGarden on the River has something for everyone. It’s more than just a place to play; it’s a community hub where nature and recreation meet,” says a local resident excited about the opening.

As for the indoor/outdoor area, it’s a thoughtful addition that ensures visitors can enjoy the river’s natural beauty regardless of the weather. The Saluda River backdrop adds a tranquil touch to the facility, making it a picturesque spot for both active play and leisure.

With its thoughtful design and diverse offerings, PickleGarden on the River stands out as a future landmark for recreational activities in the area. Keep an eye out for its grand opening – it’s sure to be a highlight for the community and a draw for visitors looking for a unique riverside experience.

Local Pickleball Growth

As the Saluda River area transforms into a prime spot for outdoor activities, it’s clear that pickleball is riding a wave of enthusiasm in Columbia, with more courts and facilities popping up to meet demand. The new five-acre complex dedicated to pickleball is a strong sign of the community’s dedication to broadening its recreational offerings, reflecting the sport’s increasing popularity.

  • A growing community of pickleball players of all ages
  • A noticeable uptick in requests for dedicated pickleball spaces
  • Positive effects on community health and social bonding
  • An economic lift from sports-related tourism

This effort shows that pickleball is quickly establishing itself as a key recreational activity in Columbia, bringing with it both community and economic advantages.

Pickleball’s Rising Popularity

Pickleball is no longer just a pastime; it’s a sport that’s capturing the hearts of Columbia’s residents. From children to seniors, the game is attracting a diverse crowd, eager to enjoy the mix of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong that pickleball offers. This broad appeal is driving the need for more courts specifically designed for pickleball, signaling a shift in recreational priorities.

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Health and Community Benefits

The impact of this pickleball craze goes beyond just having fun. It’s also fostering healthier lifestyles and encouraging people to connect with each other in a friendly, active setting. This social aspect is especially meaningful, as it supports community cohesion and well-being.

Economic Impact

The new complex is more than a place to play; it’s a potential magnet for sports tourism. As pickleball tournaments and events take hold, they can draw visitors from near and far, boosting local businesses and showcasing Columbia as a vibrant destination for sports and outdoor recreation.

Future Expansion Plans

As we look to the future, PickleGarden on the River is set for an exciting expansion that promises to bring even more offerings to our pickleball-loving community. We’re planning to diversify what’s available and get more people involved by adding extra courts, areas dedicated to improving your game, and perhaps a store that caters to newcomers and experienced players alike. Our goal is to build a lively atmosphere where everyone feels welcome and to maintain our status as a top spot for pickleball fun, whether you’re playing for leisure or looking to test your skills in a more serious setting.

This growth is designed to blend in smoothly with the Riverwalk, offering a space that encourages staying active and invites everyone to join in. We’re committed to promoting wellness, joy, and a love for the outdoors at every turn.

Expansion Highlights:

  • More Courts: You won’t have to wait long for your turn to play, with additional courts coming your way.
  • Specialized Training Spaces: Whether you’re trying to perfect your serve or improve your backhand, our new training areas will be just the spot.
  • Pro-Shop: Need new gear or a quick fix for your paddle? The proposed shop will have everything you need to get back in the game.

As we’re rolling out these changes, we’re keeping our focus on what makes PickleGarden great: a friendly, welcoming vibe that’s all about the love of the game. Stay tuned for updates as we make these plans a reality.

“Join us as we grow – your perfect shot at even more pickleball fun is just around the corner at PickleGarden on the River.”


The new pickleball complex at 680 Candi Lane is a significant addition to Columbia’s recreational options. Carefully planned to fit in with the scenic riverside setting, the facility is designed to be a place where sport and natural beauty come together. With the city’s ongoing efforts to support active lifestyles and community gatherings, this spot is expected to become a popular destination for both players and fans.

The complex’s integration into the existing landscape shows a thoughtful approach to development, ensuring that the fun of the game and the enjoyment of the surroundings can happen side by side. By providing a space for this growing sport, Columbia is meeting the community’s desire for more places to play, socialize, and stay active.

Adding twelve new pickleball courts makes it clear that Columbia values the health and happiness of its residents. This space is not just for athletes; it’s a place for families, friends, and individuals to meet, play, and build connections within the community. This commitment to enhancing recreational facilities will likely have a positive impact on the city’s social fabric for years to come.

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